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Wall Street Journal: How Willie L. Wilson went from poverty to black philanthropy.

Long ago, Willie L. Wilson ran off from a Florida work camp, convinced it was virtual slavery. Hounds chased him but he got away.

Later, though he had no money, and only an eighth-grade education, he convinced himself he could run his own business...Like his belief in God, there are some things he just knows to be true.

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“It can no longer be Republican against Democrat, citizens against police, White versus Black, rich versus poor. We must achieve the original vision of our country – to be a place where all people can be free to pursue life, liberty and happiness – truly one nation under God.”

- Dr. Willie Wilson

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  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

    On this anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I must say we still have a long way to go in Chicago.


  • We were all born free and equal.

    We were all born free and equal. Every person has the ultimate right to self determination without discrimination, with dignity and respect from all.

  • Dr. Willie Wilson will donate $100,000 to his campaign

    Campaign finance law defines a ‘self funded’ campaign as a candidate who contributes $100,000 or more to their own campaign. That cap is broken by a single contributor to any candidate.