REAL Solutions to Turn Chicago Around! 

Create Safe Neighborhoods

  • End carjackings by boosting neighborhood watch programs.
  • Re-open Community Mental Health Centers where recommended and bill private insurance, where available, to subsidize the costs to taxpayers. Solicit private donations to subsidize the costs to taxpayers.
  • No more property tax increases. Impose an immediate property tax freeze to protect homeowners and slow the increase in rental prices. By doing this, we can keep people in their homes and stop the migration to other cities and states while solidifying the city’s tax base.
  • Immediately begin to correct budget mismanagement, turn back wasteful spending and address long-term unfunded liabilities, which are the biggest drivers of our skyrocketing property taxes 
  • Cooperate with state and federal agencies to bring in the necessary resources to solve Chicago’s crime epidemic once and for all.  No more excuses.

Reopen Closed Schools. Get Serious About Education.

  • Establish and implement an Elected School Board.
  • Promote real school choice to create competition and prioritize students and parents over special interests and bureaucrats.
  • Hold leadership accountable. Protect our children and demand results.
  • Give parents and students more options in their junior and senior years to study vocations like plumbing, electrical, welding, carpentry, construction and more. Partner with trade unions to train students during and after school to be ready to create as many entry points into our economy and workforce as possible, if they choose not to take the college route.
  • Allow optional silent prayer time in all schools.

Legalize Recreational Marijuana

  • Regulate it. Tax it. Make it safer.
  • Eliminate the costs of policing and prosecuting these petty crimes

Economic Development: 

  • Create small businesses by removing red-tape barriers to entry into competitive business, which are most burdensome on those with less means.
  • Lobby for community-based grants and block grants.
  • Ensure fairness in city contracts and job opportunities. Contracts and jobs should be fairly awarded to businesses throughout all 77 communities, not just the connected few. Chicago-based companies with Chicago employees should be awarded contracts, whenever possible.
  • End homelessness by working with private sector partners to house and employ this population in temporary jobs that can transition them back into the mainstream by rebuilding their esteem, their skills and their resume.          

End Political Corruption & Balance the Budget

  • The purpose of the city government is to protect citizens and provide basic services as efficiently and effectively as is possible.
  • The city's payroll cost is too large – 70% of the city’s total budget as compared to other large cities.  We will streamline city government, lower total costs and reduce total payroll headcount through attrition (people will not be laid-off, but roles may change and positions may not automatically be backfilled).  We will accomplish this without negatively impacting critical city services. 
  • As budget reassessments are completed, we will begin to accrue all costs and all future liabilities while cleaning up wasteful spending.  We will balance our budget and do it in a way that is fair and considerate to all stakeholders.  Not an easy task but a task we will tackle, together. 

Support All Communities

  • It can no longer be Republican against Democrat, citizens against police, White versus Black, rich versus poor. We must achieve the original vision of our country – to be a place where all people can be free to pursue life, liberty, and happiness – truly one nation under God.

Crime and Accountability.

  • Give the police the training, tools, resources and protocols they need to succeed while holding the city and police department leadership accountable.
  • No more political coverups from the corrupt politicians, I.e. like the murder of black teen LaQuan McDonald. I will demand full transparency.
  • Divide the city into four separate police districts and form community-based citizen committees in each district to help choose the best police leader for their district and to encourage a working, collaborative relationship between the community and the cops.

Abolish Red Light Cameras. No More Nickel and Diming.

  • Eliminate red light cameras and bag tax; lower gasoline tax.
  • No new taxes. Only new revenue.
  • Our senior citizens to ride CTA for free to move about the city efficiently and safely.

New Revenue Generators

  • We will increase revenue and grow the economy by cutting taxes, by creating a more open and friendly business environment and by aggressively lobbying businesses, national and international, big and small to call Chicago home.
  • The establishment of a citizen-owned casino that will generate an estimated $1B+ for the city’s economy
  • Establish the marijuana tax that will generate an estimated $1B+ for the city’s economy
  • The re-opening of Meigs Field Airport that will operate as a business will generate an estimated $500M+ for the city’s economy


  • I don't know everything; I don't have all the answers. But, together, we can get Chicago working again for ALL its residents.
  • I will continue to surround myself with the brightest, most experienced professionals with diverse opinions and high integrity including, but not limited to: business professionals, educators, government workers, clergy, Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, etc. of every race,  every nationality and every gender. Inclusion is the key. Together is the way.
  • We will be creative, innovative and bold in our approach and strategies. We are committed to placing people over politics and creating a New Chicago that works for both business and people.